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My name is Tiphaine but my nickname is Tif. I am born and raised in New Caledonia and have been in Australia since December 1999, I am both fluent in French and English speaking & writing. I am a person that is very laid back, that goes with the flow and go with wherever the wind will take me, and this is the journey that I am destined to accomplish.

Spiritual level for candle lovers that are amazingly scented and gives a beautiful aroma around the home as well as reed diffusers, car diffusers, and room/linen spray which provides a beautiful aroma in the car, bedroom, bathroom wherever you wish to spray. Perfume atomiser and the perfume roll on have been added and they last all day long. It is an amazing journey that will be the beginning of an adventure.

Creating a hobby has become a passion, stepping into the unknown is something that has a lot of fear but accomplishing and seeing the outcome becoming great result is happiness.

Go for your hobbies, go for your dreams, create things with your hands, and make magic happen.

R.I.P. Kameo Rene Matsuda

You may have seen one particular turtle on my website. The meaning behind this beautiful turtle is that my Grandpa’s Japanese name known as Kameo, the meaning of it is a turtle. To me personally, he has inspired me of following my dreams, opening my path that has a wonderful meaning to it, believing in my dreams and bringing them into reality. He has been a wonderful role model for me in life with a particular bond that couldn't be explained in words, I would have to describe many things. On my logo there's also a beautiful flower, this symbolises the image that he was always putting on his sarong when he created them for many different people, and until today, I still have some that he has made.

Also connecting with the wonders of the world, so like just seating on the beach, taking a seat and seating outside watching the plants, trees move with the wind, relaxing by the beach. Anything that keeps you grounded will help refocus on achieving new things towards a goal and open your eyes to go forward with destiny.

Rene Kameo Matsuda


Mimi (Mother) & Tif (Daughter)

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