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Natural Soy Wax Candles

All our candles are made individually, one a time so the scent can be strong when it is lit up and when it is just there for decoration. Our candles are all natural soy wax, we take pride in our creation.

Candle Care Important Information

A candle is very fragile because the if it left under sunlight, it will change colour which isn't pretty looking but it is a natural factor. This is why it is recommended to keep it in a dry, cool place, and away from sunlight, dust and always upright position.

Step 1: Trim the wick of you candle by about 5mm each time before lighting. Remove any debris from the wax to help the candle burn evenly.


Step 2: It’s usually best to vicinity your candles far from and draughts as candles burn high-quality in still air. Please also notice that candles positioned in draughts may additionally smoke.


Step 3: Do not leave a candle to burn for longer than 5 hours at a time. Burning a candle for longer without allowing the wax to re solidify should bring about overheating.


Step 4: Candles should be placed no less than 10cm apart if burning to prevent any issues as it can affect the burning behaviour of the candle.


Step 5: Putting out a candle when reaching for the 4 hour timeframe. It is advisable that you use a snuffer or the lid of the candle. You can also sufficate the candle to shut it off by putting the lid above it so that there's no air in the jar and it will turn itself off. It is advisable that you do not blow on your wick to turn off the candle as liquid hot wax may splatter and the wick can also glide and will no longer be centered.

Seashell Natural Soy Wax Candles

Luxurious Decoration

Want to have a beautiful decor to show in your business, salon, home, anywhere you think it will look amazing and perfect.

A welcoming candle that will invite people in and one of the best piece of art work with a beautiful scent.

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